World Religion reflection portfolio

Several times throughout the semester there will be a reading, video or interactive piece for you to reflect upon. Mr. Brentnell will not read any of your portfolio reflections, this is your personal space. Rather you will get a completion grade for each entry. Below are some possible reflection points to consider.

Additionally if you find a reflection piece that you think we could use in class please bring it to Mr. Brentnell and we'll see if we can include it

Here are some possible prompts to reflect upon.

    • What has this experience caused me to examine in my life, my community, my country?

    • How have you challenged yourself, your ideals, your philosophies, your concept of life or the way you live?

    • What have been the best and worst parts of the experiences?

    • How does the experience contribute to your growth in any of the following areas: civic responsibility, politics, professional development, spiritual fulfillment, social understanding, and intellectual pursuit?

Reflection #1

Reflection #2

Philosophical Health Check

The Philosophical Health Check is designed to identify tensions or contradictions (a Tension Quotient) between various beliefs that you hold. The PHC does not aim to identify which of your beliefs are true or false, but where the beliefs you hold might not be compatible with each other.

Reflection #3

Reflection #4

Reflection #5

You may want to use the 7 dimensions of Religious Traditions to help your reflection.

Reflection #6

Reflection #7

1) Read the following article 2) complete the following survey

Reflection #8

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Reflection #9