Social Studies 20 OLD VERSION

Course Development

Do you want the opportunity to help teach the class?

I'm looking for new ways to deliver course material and here is the chance to participate in that process with two areas: Smartphone Apps & Virtual Simulations (aka video games)

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In our class folder on GD is your assignment for this film.

You may submit your assignment through:

    • GD (just share the file with me)

    • use the Dropit link on the home page of

    • use the following Google Doc Form (Click the link or use the QR code)

    • hand in on paper

Link to assignment

To complete your assignment online you may use the following form on this page

  • Share your file with Mr. Brentnell on Google Docs

  • Complete your assignment and submit it with the Dropitt Link on the front page of this website

  • hand in on paper


Part I Written Source

Here is the first introduction assignment concerning The Great War. Complete the google form below.

or QR code for completion on your phone, ipod or ipad

Part II Virtual Simulation if the link doesn't work-->

copy and paste it into the address bar in a new tab

or you can use the QR code:

Aftermath of WWI & Paris Peace Conference


Step 1:

Watch the following presentation on google docs

Step 2:

Complete the following Google Doc assignment

Interwar years Prezi based review

here is a link to two prezi presentations we watched in class. Review this presentation if you missed or need another refresher

Germany in the 1920's USSR 1928-1939

Ultra-Nationalism & WWII

Quotation #1 Google Form Submission:

Quotation #2 Google Form Submission:

Ultra-Nationalism and Dictators

Google Form for "Fakebook" assignment submission

Canadian Nationalism Film Festival

You get the chance to create a short animated film using the Xtranormal website on an aspect of Canadian

nationalism we've looked at in Social Studies 20.

Assignment Submission


Unit 3 Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

Link to assignment here is a link to submit your assignment

Assignment link( PDF version):

Google Doc assignment submission:

Simulation 1.0 Simulation 2.0 Simulation 3.0