S10 Key Terms Project

Key Terms Project Overview

Part I RI1 vocabulary

You'll be required to submit 2 vocabulary terms (from the list on the assignment sheet) that have the following information:

1 Definition of the term in your own words keeping in mind the Social Studies 10-1 curriculum

2 The time period word/phrase gained prominence (include the important part of the graph on your card)

3 What trend (i.e. spikes, dips, long term rise or decline) do you notice? Explain 1 or more trend(s).

4 What case study (example for an essay) would best apply with the term? Explain briefly.

Once the assignment is handed back, you may revise 1 or both of the remaining terms in order to improve your grade.

Assignment Link or see Classroom for Google Doc version

Summary sheet link

Key Terms Exemplars 2020




Social 20-1 Terms ranged in three different ways

(each color is one of 4 related issues)

S10 Key Terms Summary Sheet

Put a short definition and brief 1 sentence summary of your example:

IB Prep extension

Part II Optional History response challenge

In each related issue of the IB prep social 10-1 will be one IB History TOK response question that's optional to attempt. This is an option for any students who are wanting to further explore the concepts we're covering in social studies through these IB History prompts.

TOK History questions

• What is history? Is it the study of the past, or the study of records of the past? (Nature of History)

• What is the significance of Carlyle’s view that “The history of the world is but the biography of great men”? (Nature of History)

• What knowledge might be gained by focusing attention on historical documents & written history? (History and Knowledge claims)

• Are value judgments a fault in the writing of history? (History & Values)

• Are the lives of some groups of people more historically significant than the lives of others? (History & Values)

• Can history provide a guide to understanding contemporary affairs? (History & Knowledge claims)

If you want to attempt the following response below (also on your assignment handout) you can replace any attempted assignment with that grade. This means that the optional challenge response won't count unless it improves your grade. If you decide to attempt this response, let Mr. Brentnell know.

Respond to the following question in a written response of between 300-700 words:

What knowledge might be gained by focusing attention on historical documents & written history?

Some possible ideas to help your response:

Which way of arranging the terms did you find most effective? Why do think this is so?

Was there a case study or two that you found to be common across the terms?

Were there any themes that helped you understand the terms?

Was there any term(s) that were central to understanding the majority of the other terms?

What value would there be to an historian in using the Google Ngram application?

What limitations did the Google Ngram application have?

Would there be other ways of understanding that don’t involve written records? What would the value and/or limitations of these approaches be?