TOK Essay 2015


the process will comprise three interactions between candidate and teacher, brief details of which will be included in the Theory of knowledge: planning and progress form, which will be part of the formal submission of the theory of knowledge essay.

In an initial interaction the candidate and teacher should discuss the prescribed titles with the aim of enabling the candidate to choose the most appropriate title; in an interim interaction the candidate may present the teacher with his or her work (an exploration) in some written form which might resemble a set of notes and ideas once a significant amount of progress has been made; and in a final interaction, towards the end of the process, candidates may present a full draft of the essay, and teachers may provide written comments of a global nature (but is not permitted to mark or edit this draft). The candidate is encouraged to include a short summary of each interaction directly on the form during or after each interaction. Additionally, both the candidate and teacher will be required to sign the form to ensure that the information included in the form is their own.

The completion of this form will be mandatory for all TOK candidates in all schools. Forms must be completed by the candidates and the teachers, uploaded with the essay, and submitted by the coordinator.