Nationalism Intro

Nation-State: Often recognised as 'the' political community that ensures the legitimacy of the state over its territory, and transforms the state into the state of all its citizens. The notion of 'nation-state' emphasizes this new alliance between nation and state. Nationality is supposed to bind the citizen to the state.


While watching viewing the following nations what elements of a "Nation-State" as defined by the United Nations are present?

Step 2:

  • In small groups or on your own find examples of the following types of nations that ARE NOT currently recognized by the United Nations. Try to find a few examples... however if you or your group is up to the challenge attempt to find examples for all 10! Only a few groups over the years have managed to find all 10.

  • Explain how this "nation" fits into the category and possibly why it isn't officially recognized by the United Nations on the Google Form below. We'll share the findings on the Google Form and discuss next class.

Definitions of these terms below can be found in the Social 20-1 in textbook Related Issue #1 and the notes handout for nationalism.

1.Geography and relationship to the land