Proxy War: Vietnam

Step 1:

Review the following Prezi (use the old video player on the Prezi site)

Step 2:

Social 30-1 textbook Chapter 7

Step 3:

Chapter 18 from Howard Zinn's A People's History The United States

Step 4: (Exam prep)

Be prepared to write one of the following exam question in class. The exam will consist of ONLY 3 of the following 6 response questions

  1. Assess the significance of either the Mexican Revolution (1910-1940) or the Vietnam War (1964-1975)

  2. Analyze the role of either Cuba or Vietnam in the development of the Cold War.

  3. Compare and contrast the roles of Korea and Vietnam in the Cold War.

  4. In what ways, and with what results did the Vietnam war bring about social and cultural changes in the countries involved?

  5. To what effect did foreign involvement affect the outcome of the Vietnam war?

  6. Analyse the importance of Ho Chi Minh in the struggle for independence for Vietnam.