Cold War 2.0

Introduction: we'll watch and listen to the two following perspectives on the emergence of a Cold War 2.0. (Viewing guides posted in Google Classroom)

Vice News: Cold War 2.0

Massey Lecture 2016: Jennifer Walsh lecture #4 Return of the Cold War

Task #1. Using the following links, what relationships between defence spending and the concept of Cold War 2.0 can you find? Provide a short rationale for these relationships. (There will be a shared research document on Google Classroom)


Topic: Information on defence expenditures


Russia Military Expenditure | 1992-2019 Data | 2020-2021 Forecast | Historical | Chart

Russia's military spending: Frequently asked questions


China Military Spending/Defense Budget 1989-2021 | MacroTrends

Part II International Agreements

There are 3 elements to Part II ( collaborative document research document shared in Google Classroom)

    • What military agreements have NATO and Russia made from 1991-current?

    • What is the purpose of these agreements?

    • To what extent have these agreements been honoured? Provide a brief rationale along with a emoticon rating scale honoured somewhat honoured