TOK Intro Pt III

TOK “The Cave” Part III

As we examine the Matrix, keep in mind the following key assumptions of Socrates philosophy:

I. Belief that the world revealed by our senses is not the real world but only a poor copy of it

II. The real world can only be apprehended intellectually

III. Knowledge cannot be transferred from teacher to student

IV. Education consists in directing student's minds toward what is real and important and allowing them to apprehend it for themselves

V. Faith that the universe ultimately is good

VI. Conviction that enlightened individuals have an obligation to the rest of society

VII. Good society must be one in which the truly wise (the Philosopher-King) are the rulers

On the Google document in the appropriate section indicate where in the film (provide brief context and time) what assumption of Socrates is being upheld or rejected. I’ll be sending you a copy of the document through Classroom. We'll compile our responses on the shared document below.

TOK Introduction Part III ‎(The Matrix)‎