TOK Solar System

Star size in the universe

To scale the solar system

Step 1: 
 You must use choose at least one AOK & WOK to represent an understanding of the solar system. Be prepared to share the process, results and knowledge issues that arise with your path through TOK and the solar system.


Step 2:  Using the knowledge gained in step 1, complete the knowledge issue chart based for the class column.

Step 3:  Knowledge question development
For additional practice in developing knowledge questions we'll look at exemplars from IB and then work through and discuss several examples.
  • In what ways is a pragmatic view necessary for comprehension by the knower?
  • How does observation support natural sciences in representing the natural world?
  • To what extent is observation needed to move the unknown into the known?

OMIT 2019

Step 4:   Tok Essay Assignment

Omit 2017
Using a real life situation develop a knowledge question and answer the response below.