Sub Plans Sept 9 2020 2021

Wednesday Sept 9 2020
                 (Social 30-1 at the bottom of the page)

TOK Sept 9 2020 Screencastify 1

Activity stop #1

Categorizing knowledge quiz link   


Activity stop #2 (end of the screencastify)

“A new way to explain” TED video (19 minutes)  

link on the resources page to the 35 Knowledge questions à

TOK Sept 9 2020 Screencastify 2

Activity stop #1: 

Fermi Paradox #1

Questions for discussion:
  • What counts as good evidence for a claim?

Fermi Paradox PT2

Questions for discussion:
  •  Should some knowledge not be sought on ethical grounds?
  • Are some things unknowable?

Activity stop #2 

TedWhy we can't see aliens?

Discussion Questions
  • What makes a good explanation?
  • What role does imagination play in producing knowledge about the world?

 shared on Google classroom and viewable on the following link: 


Block 1 Social 10-1
complete 1-3 before screeencastify video

1.     Kahoot review of 2019-2020 current events link:

2.  Intro survey link/QR code (posted for students in classroom as well)


3.     Letter to the teacher viewable link  (assignment posted in classroom for students)

Social 10-1 Sept 9 10 Screencastify Video

Activity stop #1

How false news can spread 3:41

During the video jot down the key points of the video and be prepared to discuss as a class.

Activity stop #2 audio clip, “Australian politician says use of the word 'Canadian' as derogatory term will no longer be tolerated 4:24

During the audio clip use your “gut feeling” to determine if this is fake news. Be prepared to discuss with the class.

Activity stop #3 Audio clip "Combating fake news" 9:09

During this audio clip, jot down what you found were the key ideas. Be prepared to discuss as a class.

Activity stop #4  2 videos & 2 articles  

for each article/video what category of fake news would it be and why? (it can be more than 1)

Goat saving pig 0:47

North Korea & the Moon 2:17

Activity stop #5 article discussion 
background on Fukushima nuclear incident watch up 1:13

Watch up to 1:13

"news article" for discussion
What would are the implications of this article/ How is it "fake news"? and why?

Activity stop #6 video & Google survey

Study: Most Students Cannot Distinguish Fake and Real News 3:41

How accurate is this video? be prepared to discuss as a class. 

Fake News Survey:
Take the following survey by QR code or the link provided for in Google Classroom
We will discuss the overall results as a class on Friday. 

Activity stop #7 TED-Ed Video

What news to watch? 4:49

During the video jot down the key points of the video and be prepared to discuss as a class.

Activity stop #8  Practicing detecting "Fake news" 2 articles and a Kahoot

Looking at the headline, what category of fake news is each article? Be prepared to discuss as a class.
Article #1                Article #2

Fake News Kahoot

Assignment: Posted in Google Classroom

Block 2 IB20

IB20 Sept 9 Screencastify Video

Activity Stop #1 
Kahoot Grade 10 Review

Activity Stop #2 
Introduction survey - posted on Google Classroom
Letter to the teacher- posted in Google Classroom

Formative Assignment: Orwell reading package summary - posted in Google Classroom