Sept 10 2020

Thursday Sept 10

TOK20 refer to Sept 9 resources link:
Social 10-1 Block 1
Please refer to Sept 9 resources link

IB30 Block 2

Please complete these activities before starting the Screencastify video and activities

1.     Kahoot review of 2019-2020 current events  link:

1.     Intro survey link/QR code (posted for students in classroom as well) 

2.     IB survey à very important for the IB program – posted in classroom & link

3.     Letter to the teacher viewable link  (assignment posted in classroom for students)

IB30 Screencastify Video

Play after Screencastify video

Social 30-1 Block 3
Please complete Sept 9 material before moving onto Sept 10.       Sept 9 resources link

Social 30-1 Sept 10 Screencastify

Where are you ideologically?  posted in Google Classroom and  also viewable on the class website: