Legacies of Historical Globalization

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Part II: Addressing Historical Globalization

PART III: First Nations (Canada) Case Studies
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TRC Activity

Residential schools settlement overview: https://goo.gl/jxH5RZ
NEW 2017: Newfoundland/Labrador Residential Schools Apology https://goo.gl/sPvBdx
Innu Nation rejection of apology: https://goo.gl/gTaaoj
Newfoundland Residential Schools Settlement  https://goo.gl/1bRdqj

Truth and Reconciliation Report Resources Page

TRC Report historical background document

Political and land claims focus

 Social and cultural focus 

 Economic opportunity & challenges

Education & Health


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 these are grade 12 case studies, but might help your understanding of the legacies of residential schools 


Australia & New Zealand 
Comparing Canada and Australia http://goo.gl/Cn8U9Z
Australian policy of assimilation http://goo.gl/wamXR5 
Australian policy of assimilation http://goo.gl/AYKefv 

South Africa
Apartheid in South Africa links: 
Truth and Reconciliation commission (South Africa) http://goo.gl/ox30J

Omit 2018
Chapter 8 worksheet

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