S10 Key Terms Project

Key Terms Project Overview
Part I RI1  vocabulary  
You'll be required to submit 2 vocabulary terms (from the list on the assignment sheet) that have the following information:

1      Definition of the term in your own words keeping in mind the Social Studies 10-1 curriculum

2      The time period word/phrase gained prominence (include the important part of the graph on your card)

3      What trend (i.e. spikes, dips, long term rise or decline) do you notice? Explain 1 or more trend(s).

4   What case study (example for an essay) would best apply with the term? Explain briefly. 

 Once the assignment is handed back, you may revise 1 or both of the remaining terms in order to improve your grade.

Assignment Link  or see Classroom for Google Doc version

Key Terms Exemplars 2020