Contingency resources

Video/article analysis sheets are in the binder in the bottom left drawer of the teacher desk in room 56

These plans are available to be used for up to 5 days. 

Day(s) 6+ refer to specific detailed unit plan link (provided separately)

1. Pass out video or article analysis sheets and choose ANY of the course specific video links from the "Video link collection" or print an article(s) from the binder in the bottom left drawer of the teacher desk. 

2.          Organization of assignment is individual with the teacher showing the video on the smartboard OR passing out individual copies of the articles that are located in the binder. DO NOT TAKE THE ASSIGNMENTS IN--> STUDENTS MUST KEEP ASSIGNMENT IN THEIR PERSONAL POSSESSION.

3. If the video or article is completed, decide which article or video will be assigned next.  Videos/article assignments will be reviewed once I return to regular teaching duties.

Article analysis assignment 

In the red binder there are articles for each course that can be photo copied for students.  
Article collection link: