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Google Docs PD Websites

Google Sites Intro

Step 1:  open and click "Get Started"
Step 2: Choose a template, name your site, and get a web address. 
Additional options include:
sharing options
Step 3: With your site created you have a basic page
You can create new pages by clicking on the following icon
name your page, choose a template and the order it appears on your website
Your new page is created
Step 4: Add different types of pages. You can add several different types of pages including announcements, file cabinets and lists.

Announcements:  Location to post chronological information like news, status updates, important events or as a classroom blog.
File Cabinets: Location to manage files uploaded from Google Docs or your hard drive
Lists: Location to keep track of lists of information.

Our Activities for this segment
create a home page and embed the following elements:
word document
your Google Calendar 
youtube video
a gadget of your choice

create a google form and embed it
create a picasa web album and embed it 
upload a powerpoint presentation to Google Docs and embed it

Custom Google Site Address