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Intro to Google Docs

Introduction Activity

· Creation--> Create a Google text document

· Share--> option to share with your neighbour

· Visibility options ---> private, invite or public

· Document Management--> Titles Folders

Small Group Activity
Google Doc Forms

Google Forms Introduction

With Google Forms there are several ways to get your form to your students, co-workers, and parents. Here is an introduction form that has several contact methods.
1. Embed in your webpage

Google Doc Form Introduction

2 . Provide a link to the form

3.  Provide a QR code for mobile access

In addition to the forms used already, there are two other formats that may of use in the classroom. 

1. Self-grading multiple-choice forms

Social 30 Formative Economics Review Quiz

2. "Choose your own adventure"  worksheet forms 

Soc 30-1 Cold War Pt 1


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